Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District serves a changed crowd inside the area, and offers types of assistance not provided by different associations, for example, LURC and DEP grant audits and help, Erosion and Sediment plans and effort on forestalling disintegration issues, effort to understudies on normal asset issues and numerous different undertakings.

Positive Impacts of FCSWCD include:

  • The District gives instructive studios on different regular asset points.
  • The District gives specialized help and additionally references.

The District accomplices with other normal asset offices, non-benefits, and private organizations to advance the shrewd utilization of Maine’s regular assets.

Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District endeavors to address the intentional protection of normal assets for all residents by giving specialized help and instructive programming. The Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District is a Not-For-Profit Organization. Continues from our raising money endeavors are utilized to help our instructive projects and to advance preservation and the savvy utilization of our regular assets. The Franklin County SWCD is an equivalent chance supplier and boss.

Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District was hampered on September 20, 1948, as per Chapter 29, Revised Statutes 1944, of the Laws of the State of Maine. A leading body of five directors

oversees each District. Two individuals are delegated by the Commissioner of Agriculture and

three are chosen by Franklin County enrolled citizens. The laws of the Conservation Districts depend on the rule that landowners and administrators should step up to the plate and obligation in making programs that will ensure and further develop assets that have a direct and

quick bearing on individuals.

We work with many accomplices to give protection help to people in general. One of our accomplices is the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Through this association, NRCS furnishes the District with a solid specialized foundation. We likewise work with numerous other government, state and neighborhood accomplices.

The District connects with all clients locally to decide needs and set out a game-plan to tackle normal asset issues. We give nearby protection initiative, show the worth of regular assets, empower preservation endeavors, and help plan and carry out intentional projects.

Advantages of District Programs

  • Neighborhood answers for nearby issues
  • Hands on Training Technical help to the local area
  • Protection training
  • Agreeable way to deal with asset preservation
  • Advance the worth of normal assets
  • Designing help according to popular demand
  • Re-certificate credit courses
  • Site assessments for workers for hire
  • Give instructive projects to schools, youth and grown-ups
  • LakeSmart Award Evaluations